How to make tableviewcell animation using Swift

Example code for easy animation on UItTablViewCell.
I’m use willDisplayCell Function and insert animation to cell

This amazing function added for iOS 7.
I read reference from apple doc >> Link << and i will summary about new parameter on this function.


[tabs][tab title=”duration”] The total duration of the animations, measured in seconds. [/tab] [tab title=”delay”] The time in seconds to wait before beginning the animations. If you don’t need delay can set to 0 for begin the animations immediately. [/tab] [tab title=”damping”] You can set value 0 to 1. To smoothly decelerate the animation without oscillation, use a value of 1. Employ a damping ratio closer to zero to increase oscillation. [/tab][tab title=”velocity”] The initial spring velocity. For smooth start to the animation, match this value to the view’s velocity as it was prior to attachment.
A value of 1 corresponds to the total animation distance traversed in one second. For example, if the total animation distance is 200 points and you want the start of the animation to match a view velocity of 100 pt/s, use a value of 0.5.[/tab][/tabs]

Download example code : link

Thank nice image from

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