Good english practice with Elevate

Last week i posted Daily English : 30 minutes per day because i want to share a good source video for learn english. Recently i has to go to dinner with my co-worker and we talk about “What you want to learn in this year”.
“I want learn English and want to specialize more than ever”, That my answer.
He told me he founded a good application for learn english.
That is “Elevate”! What Elevate app ?

Elevate app is Brain training app, this app will train your mind, improving your self, track your progress, set your training program, build communication and analytical skills.

The app will offer a set of three games to you every day. It will also keep track your progress.

All the images above that screenshot from Elevate app.

For me Elevate is a cool app for my self or who want to learn english skills. I think this app is very useful it make me funny every time when i play it.

I hope my experiment will make me speak, writing, listening English very well.

And i wish you the same, What you want to be and want you want to learn.

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