Example Project : Realm with Swift 2.0

Realm with Swift 2.0

TA-DA this is name of this example app. I like funny sound like Minions say Taa-Daa haha… it very relax sound. K we will create mini-project for show how to use Realm with Swift 2.0. I think a lot of iOS Developer even try to use Core Data ….. but someone give up because it difficult for understand…. sure me too :P.
Now! comes the solution. We have Realm, it is a mobile database easy to use, fast, cross-platform, advanced and bla bla bla.
I can’t explain a lot of detail but now you and me will go to try with easy example project for understand the power of Realm.

Part 1

  • Init project, install reaml by cocoapod to project, init to-do model.
  • Create xcode project
  • Install Realm follow how to : Install Realm to project
  • Create Realm Object – TDTask model

Part 2

  • Create tableview for list to-do task
  • Get all task in Realm database

  • Create to-do form for input to-do data
  • and create save function for insert task to database

  • BAMM! Now task will store on mobile database

Part 3

  • Update/Edit to-do task object and show status in tableview.

  • Now we can edit task object it very easy to update object, we open write transaction use realm.beginWrite() and update task object and save update data with try! realm.commitWrite().

Part 4

  • Filtering realm object with NSPredicate.

Part 5

  • Sorting object with sorted function.

Next part
I’ll show how to queries with Chaining and other useful technic with Realm.

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